Anyone in New Orleans?

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justin caise
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SELF INTRODUCTION: Seemingly still just a wannabe, as I've not actually built a chopper yet. But I know what I'm doing. I'm startin slow, studying, tooling up, and thinking about it properly - someone here once said "The important thing about finishing your first build is to not let your ambitions exceed your abilities." I'm holdin my ambitions just a little ahead of my abilites so's I can stay motivated. Gary said the balance of time and money is key - So, I'm working that, too. Just reallly grateful to find that this incredible resource is still alive and accessible.
I'm hoping to actually connect with and make some friends here this time.
I'm in So NH repairing and riding the low buck jap junk for now... practicing, discovering my fav riding style, learning CAD, machining, designing and building tools. Lonely. I've got friends and family, and riding buds but no close chopper freaks to hold a torch. Aaaaand, I've said too much again....
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Anyone in New Orleans?

Post by justin caise » Wed Dec 03, 2014 12:24 am

Planning a weekend trip to NOLA soon to visit my dad in his last days. Thought I'd check out any available chopper builder connections.
Your car should be old style
Your clothes rather new
Your chopper - a tasteful mix of the two.

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