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SELF INTRODUCTION: I've got motorcycles in my blood. Growing up with my dad riding them, I feel like I've always had my fingers tightly wound around handlebar grips. My taste for bikes and the family are strong and the only bike I'll ride is one that's been stripped down to the essentials. I don't care for all of high tech stuff on the new stuff. I just want simplicity. not a Limousine on 2 wheels.


Post by SoCalBiker » Fri Jun 09, 2017 11:21 pm

WOW!!! YES!!!! We're back!! WOOHOO!!! I remember years ago when I was first starting college to get my Associate's Degree in CNC Machining, I was coming here to learn more about that craft and bringing it to motorcycles and trying to get information from everyone here! This is awesome! I've been missing this place for years and now I'm so glad to be back.

NEWS: I now live in California instead of Indiana (which is where I was living when I was first coming to this site and going to college). I love it here in California and I've got myself a girlfriend that's badass and awesome!

I managed to get my Associate's degree with flying colors and I'm happy to have it. But, the jobs here for CNC Machining are very limited. You've either got to live in Los Angeles or up nearby San Francisco. Both would be great places to live and work if I made over $30 per hour.

And now what I'm doing? Not much of anything. I got hurt. Pretty badly. In a motor vehicle accident and it tore my rotator cuff something awful. I don't work in CNC Machining at the moment, maybe soon.

I'm looking at this rolling chassis to buy for about $4K and it needs some work. Oh, which brings me to a question. And I probably should just ask the owner of this rolling chassis why it's got the status of salvaged title. My question is this: what entails a salvaged title? Does it have to have a bent frame and then straightened out? Or just been involved in an accident with some damage to say, the fenders, and had them pulled off and replaced with new ones? I've got the number for the seller and I'm going to call or text the person and see what's up with it and go look at it. I'm itching to ride, man.

And man, let me tell you, seeing MC members up close and personal here, is a sight to see. I mean, I respect all clubs and I'll never say a negative thing about them, but it's cool to see members from various clubs that you've only heard about or seen on TV. Surreal feeling.

I guess that's it for now. I hope you guys are doing excellent since the reboot of the forum.

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