Don't know if this is of interest to others, concrete lathe

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SELF INTRODUCTION: I have had an interest in choppers from the '70's when I was in high school, reading custom chopper mag etc, I have never had or built a chopper to date, I'm trying to learn, I am acquiring equipment (tube bender, oxy torch etc) and am trying to get started building up the skills and information I need to get started on building a chopper.
My current bike is a Yamaha XV1000, I would class it as a mild custom rather than a chopper, a lot of the useless (to me) bits have been removed and I am trying to modify and chop a few more things off to get it to a longer, lower, leaner machine with better performance (custom shortened rear shocks, refabricate forward controls and drag bars, try and get raked cups working on it etc), but IMHO it doesn't have the right type of frame to build a "proper" chopper on, so I am looking for a more suitable donor bike for the project.

Don't know if this is of interest to others, concrete lathe

Post by neale » Mon Nov 12, 2012 10:48 pm

Don't know whether this is of interest to others, but I'd have a go if I had the room. ... KGw-WfZ1QA

Another one that's just starting;



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SELF INTRODUCTION: I've got motorcycles in my blood. Growing up with my dad riding them, I feel like I've always had my fingers tightly wound around handlebar grips. My taste for bikes and the family are strong and the only bike I'll ride is one that's been stripped down to the essentials. I don't care for all of high tech stuff on the new stuff. I just want simplicity. not a Limousine on 2 wheels.

Re: Don't know if this is of interest to others, concrete lathe

Post by SoCalBiker » Sat Jun 10, 2017 10:44 am

oh wow! i've never seen a CNC mill made from concrete! that's pretty wicked. but, one caveat. i think getting the necessary holes for everything would be a total bitch to keep on tolerance since it's concrete. sure, it's a great idea and i'm sure that's got some good stability and resistance to temperature change, but man, getting the necessary layouts would be so time consuming. but, if you've got the time and desire, i'd go for it.

thank you for the link though.

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SELF INTRODUCTION: I am an expat tennessee hillbilly and retired us navy engineer livin' in Scotland and I have a love of old cars , trucks, motorcycles and most any other machinery !

I dont know if I can think of enough to say to reach the two hundred charactor minimun set by the mods , but I will persevere
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Re: Don't know if this is of interest to others, concrete lathe

Post by gearhead1951 » Sun Jun 11, 2017 3:31 am

The secret of getting a useable lathe or mill with that process is that you have to make all the stationary metal parts first and jig them accurately in place before you add the concrete ! It works great if you start with the "Gingery" lathe/mill plans and modify the plans for the use of the concrete !

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