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This is a write up I was allowed to do under the banner of: The Chopper Builders Handbook Facebook page.

I took it as a great honor!

A set a handlebars really makes a custom bike and can change a motorcycles appearance drastically. There are many different styles and people spend days if not weeks searching in catalogs for a set then end up settling on a pair while not being completely happy with them.

Why not build your own and have a one off pair custom for your chopper since you know what you would like them to look like?

1. Make a set of threaded slugs to go inside your handlebar risers. Good rule of thumb here is the depth/distance of the threads should be 1.5 times the width of your riser mounting bolts. [Figure1.]


2. Make a mounting plate to connect the 2 riser bars and weld between the two slugs. Tack square on your trees. You can get creative here and make other gussets across the tubes when done also on finished bars. [Figure 2.]


3. Cut and bend some tube to shapes you want. Make sure they are as close as possible in length with each other matching bar in the set. These will make for straighter bars when finished. [Figure 3.]


4. Make a square set of lines on a steel table or flat piece of steel to use as a jig. Then tack the riser plate down to it square and centered. [Figure 4.]


5. Drill holes into your riser tubes for plug welds onto the tree mounting slugs in Figure 1. [Figure 5]


6. Now use a square off the lines marked for a center reference to make the riser bars square horizontally and same distance vertically off the table and tack weld. [ Figure 6.]


7. Camp plates to the riser bars to hold the main bar in place for alignment. The risers shown do not need to be this long and can be short pieces off your trees and the main bar can be bent in any shape you want. [Figure 7.]


8. Use a square and measure to center and each bar end back to the center mark of mounting plate in figure 4 so this bar is centered with the mark you made for center earlier. [Figure 8.]


9. Weld and grind the bars then check square. If square you have made yourself a Custom set of handlebars.

The Handbook is dedicated to the independent builder, to the garage builder, and a hobbyist wanting a Custom bike. The materials needed for building a frame , front end, and handlebars along with welding procedures and construction of these parts information is in the Handbook.

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