Springer tubing size question.

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Springer tubing size question.

Post by Slimey1 » Mon Jan 11, 2016 2:47 pm

As I have practically unlimited access to 316L stainless steel tubing and plate,I would like to build my springer from this material. My question is: Using Gary's tubing size chart on the CBH,how will wall thicknesses differ,if at all,by using 316L instead of the standard steel?

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Re: Springer tubing size question.

Post by gww25 » Wed Jan 13, 2016 8:05 pm

problem with stainless is that it work-hardens and becomes brittle. Even welding it makes it brittle and I've seen literally hundreds of stainless weldments in the marine business fail unexpectedly so I wouldn't use it myself for forks but for a show bike it'd be okay. It all depends on how much the bike will be used.

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