Ultima 58mm Inverted issues

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SELF INTRODUCTION: first time builder...in search of knowledge :)

Presently i'm in the process of building a softail. 4+ backbone, 38 rake and 2+/5 rake forks/trees. Normally i'm pretty inclined mechanically, though i gotta say some aspects of this are somewhat leaving me shaking my head lol.

Ultima 58mm Inverted issues

Post by Marty » Sun Jan 06, 2013 11:35 am

Hi guys...

As i said in my intro thread this is my first build. I was expecting a lot of issues along the way (and still do) but this one has me stumped.
Forks came brand new in the box (this is my second set actually, i ordered a set of 4 over first but the difference front to back was a little less than my liking so i ordered a set of +2).

removed axle, disassembled struts from trees, installed trees, reinstalled struts...

but damn i can't get the axle to match up, with or w/o tire on
the nut end (has a tapered nut that locks into left side fork) is shouldered and in theory i'd assume it should go all the way onto the axle until it bottoms out, but this is leaving me with +/- 1/4" at the opposing end of the axle where it sits into the right side fork
this happens with and without the bottom tree tightened (could find no specs on this so when disassembling second set i checked original settings with torque wrench to best of abilities)

am i mistaken in my assumptions that the axle nut should bottom out? should i be doing my calculations based on the space between the two stop points of fork end spacings?
I will add that when i was messing with the +4 set, before noticing that the nut was not bottomed out and the space was "correct" between forks that i had NO success in getting the left side end cap back onto the forkend...would not bottom out

here is the VERY limited info available for the forks

thanx in advance for any help

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