Frame Problems need help!!!

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Frame Problems need help!!!

Post by mob_inc » Sun Dec 07, 2014 10:31 am

Frame problem!
So we started a bike for a build off competition. Everything was great...a week before build off we were patiently waiting for front end that was being cusTom made by American Suspension....Vampire King with Brass Legs and Black shark tooth accesnts. We were doing prostreet type build. We knew the front end was pushing time restraints.... but we had everything else mocked up and just waiting to slap the new front end and the new 23" black chystal wheels from RC of arrival 3 days before box exciTedly...slap the triple trees on, slid first leg into triple trees and the front end was 2" inches from the floor....AmerI can Suspension had fabricated the front end 22" to long.....needless to say I was irrate...they wanted 1400 to resize the front end to the size that we I am.
what I have....
1. 120" ultima motor
2.Eldebrock forward swept duAL throat intake.
3. Twin Mikuni 45s
4.baker RSD 6 speed tranny
5. Jay Brake tranny brake system
6. Legends softail air ride system with on board pump
7.23" front wheel
8.18x 300mm rear wheel
9. Vicious looking suicide shifter ( for strolling down the avenue.
10. Electric shifter ( switch added so you can switch on when you really want to hold on and see what she's got.
11.Accutronix foot controls with clutch
12. 3" open belt drive.
13. Custom bars with no hand controls. (Want nice clean bars with no controls flush mount grips and internal throttle cable).

So that being said. This is what I'm asking.....


With the 300mm rear, 23" front wheel,
and a 44" front end with 3 degree triple trees.

Remember this is to be a softail (air ride), must be 300 series Right Side Drive).

What I'm looking for is the frame set up. Proper stretches and rakes that will work with everything that I got already. I have the makings of a really nice bike about 20g worth of parts sitting here with a frame that I can't use. Frame I got would have to take out at 52 degrees to get front end to fit and then trail would be impossible to ride.

Please help with this
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Re: Frame Problems need help!!!

Post by Customize IT » Sun Dec 07, 2014 11:33 am

If you want to build a frame to the front end will need.

1. The length of the forks overall extended.
2. Full compression of those forks length in distance they can travel.
3. Desired rake of bike when done. 44 degrees with 3 degrees extra in trees

The wheel spacing, swingarm, and engine dimensions you can get off existing frame.
But I will say to build a new frame will cost just as much if not more as getting the front end resized and a front that long will be either a swedish look or a high neck chopper?

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Re: Frame Problems need help!!!

Post by friday » Tue Dec 09, 2014 3:20 am

surely Am suspension know the situation / time frame and could give calculations in order to cut the fork and tubes .
its their product on a potential rolling advertisement

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Re: Frame Problems need help!!!

Post by gww25 » Wed Dec 10, 2014 6:09 pm

Better to just modify the frame you already have as it saves time and money even thought it may seem like a lot of work at first glance. Basically just redo from about the motor centerline and forward. I can come up with some dimensions if you haven't already figured them out.

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