62 Chopped FL Rebuild

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SELF INTRODUCTION: Maui boy, farm systems mechanical engineer, sugar cane and pineapple, retired, chopped a '62 FL in '68, still have it, have five HD projects in the shop right now, three are panheads. Try to work on them every day, but often looking for or waiting for parts. Nothing stock going on here, all hot rod street oriental, and mostly old style.
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Re: 62 Chopped FL Rebuild

Postby 2Loose » Thu Jun 15, 2017 11:27 pm

I was able to hold and drink a can of beer today with my left hand, I call that progress !!
Am working up to twisting throttles with my left hand, and holding the wheel in "Patches" with my left hand when I have to shift, but only in straight sections. Put the suicide knob on couple of days ago....


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