Nice condition Seat

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SELF INTRODUCTION: Hello guys and gals, working on my 1979 honda cb750 bobber chopper build plus many other projects etc. I have two workshops at home that i built so i can build bikes and all sorts of parts, and i mainly do auto body work and restoration repairs etc.
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Nice condition Seat

Post by jonester123 » Thu Oct 27, 2011 8:57 pm

Hi guys and gals, i have a nice condition seat if anyone would be willing to make a trade etc. Not exactly sure of make but i have been told it more than likely is for a yamaha virago 1982-1983 not sure. :think: :whistle:

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SELF INTRODUCTION: I worked on, bikes since I was 14, I progressed to cars when I hit the age of 16, now at 52 I find bikes more rewarding to build and with less space now to store my toys ( 3rd house, also the smallest garage) I use parts from anything that I can find to fit, my builds and am rapidly becoming a decent tig welder. Still I dont know everything and find it expensive to build from a catalog. so that is why I am here for the second time. I can only imagine what happened to my old post since I cant find them and very few of the old crew that used to be on here. maybe we can all come back on and share all that knowledge we acquired over the years of building? xp

Re: Nice condition Seat

Post by Builder52 » Mon Dec 19, 2011 7:51 pm

Yeah prolly right jonester, how is the cheezy capital of BC. Long time no talk finished my bike should post some pics, some kid bought it. I only rode it for 1 week.

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