checking depth of internal threads

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checking depth of internal threads

Post by War Tribe » Tue Feb 07, 2012 9:27 pm

here is a really simple way of checking tapped threads. i use this trick at work and it really does help a lot. say for instance i need to tap something with, oh, 3/4-16 threads. just a typical drill and tap operation i do quite often. i'll take a 3/4-16 bolt, store bought, or a piece of rod with 3/4-16 threads on it and insert that into the tapped hole. i then measure the inside distance from outside edge of the material i just tapped to the inside of the bolt head and zero out my calipers. i then take out the bolt or thread rod and measure from the end of the threaded portion to the head or meaure the whole length of threaded rod and that gives me the depth of threads i just made. it's easier to show you in person so i will make a few drawings tomorrow and edit this post to show you what i am talking about. it's really easy.

ok, those drawings haven't materialized yet. i've been really busy at my job and the homelife is just as busy so maybe i can finally get some free time this week to throw some pics together for you guys. hang in there, but only let go if your fingers start getting tired!! i hope that made sense.
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